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Xbox Games Hit New Platforms: Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, and Grounded Coming to Other Platforms

Xbox Reaches Beyond Consoles: 4 Games to Rival Platforms, and What It Means

Xbox Breaks Down Traditional Console Barriers With a Strategic Multi-Platform Expansion.

Silent Hill 2 Remake Developer Unhappy With Trailer Released by Konami

Developer Clashes Spark Concern Over Faithfulness and Marketing Choices.

Facing Pressure, PlayStation Walks a Tightrope: Improving Business While Preserving Identity

The Future of PlayStation: Adapting to a Changing Landscape with Cross-Platform Strategies.

“Truly Awful Idea”: Ex-Dev Blasts Budget of Flopped Shooter Immortals of Aveum

From Ambitious Vision to Financial Nightmare: Inside the Fall of “Immortals of Aveum”.

Sci-Fi Action-Adventure RPG EXODUS in Development by Industry Veterans

Archetype & Certain Affinity Forge New Sci-Fi RPG “EXODUS”.

PlayStation 5 Continues to Outsell Xbox Series X/S by Nearly 2 to 1

PlayStation 5 Leaves Xbox Far Behind in Sales Race.



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From Microsoft Going Multiplatform to an Overhaul at Square

Xbox’s Future, Square Enix Shakeup: Top Gaming News of the Week

From Suicide Squad Review Controversies to Ubisoft Turmoil

New Releases Ignite Excitement, Review Issues Spark Debate, and Ubisoft Faces Fresh Challenges

Indiana Jones Revealed, Palworld is a Controversial Viral Hit

Unveiling Indy’s New Quest and Why Palworld is No Monstrous Rip-Off


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