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Assassin’s Creed Jade Release Likely Delayed to 2025 as Tencent Shifts Focus

Square Enix Adapts as Fans Shift to Digital and Demand Fresh Ideas

Square Enix Embraces Change to Captivate a New Generation.

The Best Games Of 2024 (So Far)

A Guide to the Top-Rated Games of 2024.

Final Fantasy 14 Requires Game Pass Subscription on Xbox, PlayStation and PC Players Unaffected

Eorzea in Double Jeopardy: Final Fantasy 14 Locks Xbox Players Behind Paid Walls, Sparking Fan Fury.

The Battle for Your Wallet: Why Exclusives Matter, But Might Not Forever

Will Xbox Crack Open the Walled Garden? Why Exclusives Might Not Always Be King.

The Last of Us 2: From Bloodborne Clone to Post-apocalyptic Masterpiece

Exploring the Scrapped Bloodborne-Inspired Vision for The Last of Us 2.

Fntastic Fallout: Exposé Reveals Grueling Development, Broken Promises, and a Pressure Cooker Disguised as a “Big Family”

Unveiling the Management Meltdown Behind The Day Before’s Demise.



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Grand Theft Trailer

Grand Theft Auto 6 grabs the spotlight; BG3 and sentient wheels of cheese; record profits, but it’s been a tough year for workers in the game industry; and more

Red Dead Revival

Red Dead Record; Silent Hill 2 “progressing smoothly”; The Witcher 4 development ramps up; a potential The Last of Us Part 3; and more

Scalpers Paradise

PlayStation Portal gets scalped, Xbox to leapfrog Sony, The Last of Us Part 2 gets a remaster.


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