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Assassin’s Creed Jade Release Likely Delayed to 2025 as Tencent Shifts Focus

A New Era of Voice Acting, or Ethical Pandora’s Box? SAG-AFTRA’s AI Deal Sparks Debate

Veteran Actors Protest Sag-Aftra’s Controversial AI Deal as a Threat to Their Livelihood.

Battlefield’s New Take on Destruction: A Revolution in Gaming Environments

A New Era of Immersive War where Every Bullet Leaves its Mark.

Alex Kidd or OutRun? Your Retro Dreams Might Come True – Three More Sega Revivals Incoming!

Sega Digs Deep Into Its Vault, Adding to the Seven Titles Already Rumored for Revival.

Fortnite Dominates Console Playtime in December 2023, Beating Call of Duty, EA Sports FC, GTA 5, and Roblox Combined

Chapter 4 Season OG Proves Old Can Be Gold for Loyal Fortnite Fanbase.

Ubisoft Embraces Text-to-Speech Technology in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

When Game Studios Turn to AI Voices, Players Raise Eyebrows.

Old School Runescape Farmer Makes Deal with RNG Devil, Trades 88 Thieving Levels for Fuzzy Friend

One Runescape Farmer’s 149-Hour Hunt for Purity and Fuzzy Friendship.



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