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MetaMeter Criteria

Apply for MetaMeter-Approval

Thank you for your interest in applying for MetaMeter approval. Applications are currently open.

Who are the MetaMeter-Approved Critics?

This MetaMeter includes reviews from MetaMeter-approved publications – websites, online video outlets, newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, alt-weeklies, podcasts, radio programs, and TV shows. If a publication is approved, its review of a game is included on the MetaMeter. Critics are not individually approved, and so critic reviews appearing outside of approved publications are not tracked.

How do I become MetaMeter-Approved?

Before submitting an application, please review the MetaMeter guidelines below. All publications must be vetted and evaluated against the below-established criteria. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. VSG makes no guarantee on a response time for applications, and if your application is declined, you may reapply after six months.

To be considered MetaMeter-approved, publications must meet the following requirements:


Reviews must be freely available online and readable/watchable within a standard browser or third-party application (e.g., YouTube, Twitch). Reviews that require users to download additional software or browser plugins are discouraged.

Insight and Perspective

Video game news coverage and reviews come in many forms. Some reviewers follow a traditional framework, others use non-traditional means to make their commentary. Regardless of how it is presented, VSG looks for content that is engaging, has a distinct voice, and offers perspective on the game at hand.

Content Quality

Reviews should be professional and reflect a concerted effort to observe grammatical rules and demonstrate clarity and structure. Similarly, video and podcast reviews should be well structured and well produced. If your reviews are published on a website, site design and layout should reflect a reasonable level of quality and must have a domain name specific to the property.

Review Output / Dedication

VSG has contribution minimums to remain active in the MetaMeter, but we realize that there are varying degrees of output among critics. VSG looks for consistency and a demonstrated commitment to the craft, and a minimum of two years of  output.

Journalistic Integrity

VSG expects both applicants and MetaMeter-approved critics to honor journalistic integrity and observe ethical behavior (e.g., compliance with NDAs and embargoes). Critics must abide by VSG’s Code of Conduct, and VSG will not tolerate plagiarism, harassment, trolling, discrimination, or other breaches of the Code across all platforms.

In some cases, even if a publication does not meet the eligibility guidelines listed above, VSG may consider them for approval if we believe their inclusion will benefit the utility of the MetaMeter and its audience. In all cases, however, VSG maintains the right to approve, reject, exclude or revoke critics from MetaMeter-approval for any reason whatsoever.

VSG may change these eligibility requirements as appropriate and without notification.

Critic Application

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