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Early Access

Early Access is the official newsletter of Vertical Slice Games. Early Access has a planned August 2022 launch exclusively through Substack.


Delivered directly to your inbox, Early Access is a weekly newsletter summarizing the biggest news in gaming, review aggregation for new and recently released titles, and information and announcements about new and upcoming games.

Whether you’re a #PCMasterRace or #ConsoleWarrior, Early Access will connect the dots on how the week’s biggest gaming stories impacts your play.

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A new issue of Early Access is delivered every Wednesday covering the gaming news, review aggregation, and more from the previous week. A special edition, titled On the Horizon, is delivered on the first Monday of every month. On the Horizon is similar to the main post, but with a monthly timeframe.


Your support is vital to the continued success of VSG:

  • Free – access to On the Horizon + the occasional paid post.
  • Monthly Subscription ($5/mo.) – access to On the Horizon + all paid posts.
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  • Founding Member ($300/yr.) – a way to show extra support for VSG, the Founding Membership is identical to the Monthly/Yearly subscriptions.

All subscriptions come with a 7-day free trial on all of the Early Access paywalls. And for a limited time, you can become a part of the Launch Crew and take advantage of 20% off for 1 year (must be redeemed by Dec. 31, 2022).